25 / 05 / 2017   10.33pm NZT
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Paddle talk with Dave Chun Kialoa Paddle Designer

Posted: 11th August 2015   |   0 comments

There are so many paddles out there on the market and everyone's claims to be the best.  The thing is you really don't know unless you try them all. Usually once you try one you stick with it and don't know any better. If you are in the market for a new paddle we strongly reccomend trying out as many as you can from friends or clubs first. But if that is not an option ask our team and we will give you honest advice and info on them.

In the meantime check out this little video from Dave Chun on the Mirror Pond Steering Blade.  I have used one of these and love it for flat water, especially sprints. If you do a lot of paddle steering (like you should in sprints) then this is the blade for you. If you are keen on getting one drop us a line as they are due in order for regionals. Enjoy...

Hiria :)



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