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Why can't I keep my board paddling in a straight line? Race or Flatwater boards

Posted: 18th August 2015   |   1 comments

So you have got the paddle bug and keen on some races. At present your training may only consist of a few paddles here and there on the river, lake, harbour or ocean, wherever.  You're not falliing off your board anymore but you can't seem to keep the blimmin thing paddling in a straight line?  Try these few tips and see what happens.

1:  Try to get your paddle as vertical to the water as possible on the catch so it is straight up and down with top arm to the side and not (paddle) across your body. By doing this it will give you greater control, power, and also reduce the turning effect your paddle creates when it enters the water at an angle. You end up using the full blade as it is intended!

2:  The other point is to not follow your board.  The nose is generally narrower so if you follow the line of your board from front to back it creates an arc in the water which will turn you.  Again ensure your paddle is vertical and top arm to the side not (paddle) across your body.

3:  Go for a narrower stance than a wide one on the rails.  The rails are made for turning so when you put weight into the rails it becomes a bit unstable.  Just relax the knees and hips and bring those feet in a bit.

4:  Just as the entry or catch is important so is the exit. Try not to pull to far back and along hte rail of your board.  Be mibndful that if your nose is narrow your tail probably will be a bit too and again this can create an arc at the rear and turn your board.

So these are just a few tiny tips to help you out if you need it.  These are the basics we teach in our SUP coaching sessions.  Its all about getting the basics right first, not trying to be flash or someone you are not yet. Remember alot of the top paddlers have been paddling for a long time and have all gone through this same process.  Happy paddling and remember to keep safe on the water.  
If you are new practice away from the crowds, wear a PFD and tell someone where you are going.  
If you want to learn more get in touch with the crew for some pointers. 

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