26 / 06 / 2017   10.29pm NZT
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Discover the secret that has waka paddlers nationwide really loving winter training!

Posted: 20th August 2015   |   4 comments

Winter, the only light is the reflection of the Port lights (depending on where you paddle)
or the little LED light attached to the kiato and the headlamps of fellow paddlers.
'Feel' becomes even more important in the waka.

It starts at the ankles, a coolness brushes over them,
then the toes, heels, throbbing,
Fingers start to sting until you can no longer feel them.
Suddnely you can't 'feel anything at all and now all your focus is on how cold it is and not your actual paddling.

Suffer no more. Start to enjoy your paddling again and get the progression you deserve through winter paddling.  Check out the 2P Adrenalin range including Long sleeve Tops, Long Pants, shorts and booties.

It can be used as an outerwear or a thermal underlayer. The four way super stretch means that it holds its shape even when wet. It has excellent thermal insulation and uses flat lock stitching to ensure you do not get a rash.  It is light and durable and has 50 UV protection. The 2P tops come in a variety of colours which is excellent for being seen on the water. Another safety tick there!

Best of all, the innovative design means that when you get wet it doesn't soak up loads of water and when the wind blows the cold cannot get in so no more wind chill! Actually the best thing about it is that it is affordable! Quality and affordability all in one.... 
Go check them out now at Thermals/ecpsurf


As an avid waka ama paddler I was in search of some really good gears to keep me warm, dry and comfortable, especially through the cold winter months and freezing mornings on the water.( Anyone who knows me well enough knows I hate winter and the cold lol ). I was on the water the morning after I received them and could'nt believe how warm, snug and dry I was. I am absolutely stoked.

Very happy and warm :)



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