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Do it right, standing up - Getting started

Posted: 27th August 2015   |   3 comments

Kia ora new SUP paddlers!

Keen to get on the water this summer and give SUP a go? I know it sounds cheesy but to be honest if you want the best start in your paddling then we highly reccomend you get a lesson with an EXPERIENCED and qualified SUP coach or instructor. It will not only set you up with good habits and technique but it will ensure you don't get frustrated and throw SUP in before you have even given it a chance.

We are all about making sure people get the best start in their paddling so if you choose to do it on your own here are a couple things to help you out.

  1. Start on a bigger board! Something in the 10.6 to 11.6 range would be good and an all rounder (not a raceboard or surf shape). This will give you maximum stability so you don't need to worry about falling in too much.
  2. Make sure your paddle is long enough. From standing, measure your padle from the ground above your head. Your arm should have a slight bend in it. This is for beginners! Racing and Surf is a whole other story. You need to ensure you have the paddle at a good height for posture and movement.
  3. Get a proper fitting PFD! A PFD is enough, you don't need a lifejacket as you need to make sure you can actually move around in your PFD. A PFD will assist you in floating if you get stuck without your board.
  4. Wear a leash! No matter where oyu are make sure you have a leash. Too often I have seen newbie paddlers lose their boards because they have no leash. 
  5. Practice on FLAT WATER away from the crowd! I can't stress this enough.
  6. Always check the water and your local environment before getting on the water, tides, currents, wind and any other hazards (other water users).
  7. Enter and exit the water to knee deep and kneel on your board to begin until you are more confident in turning your board and then progress to standing.
  8. Stay close to shore and always keep your 'eyes up'.
  9. If you are out there and see other paddlers who offer you advice, be gracious, they have been where you are and are only trying to fast track your progress, or make sure you don't look like an egg with your paddle the wrong way around. Don't be embarrased about it, just smile and wave!
I hope these guidelines help you out to begin with.  Stay tuned for more on the 'How to'. I will post up a short video soon.

Happy paddling people!

H :)


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