26 / 06 / 2017   10.29pm NZT
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New Faces Giving Stand Up Paddleboarding a Go!

Posted: 9th December 2015   |   4 comments

A great big thank you to all who came out to give stand up paddling a go at our 'Have a Go Day' at the end of November.  Our instructors and trainee instructors had a ball! Also thanks to Sport Bay of Plenty for another great opportunity to bring the awesome sport of stand up paddling to new faces.

Proceeds from our Have-a-go day went to Tauranga Community Foodbank. The good people from Sport Bay of Plenty brought a whole bunch of cool kids to our day, and opted to give food instead of money which the Foodbank gladly received. Remember presence over presents this Xmas whanau. It's what you DO with your kids and family that matters, not the price tag. So don't stress if finances are low. Do stuff instead and make unforgettable memories.