26 / 06 / 2017   10.30pm NZT
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Explore Tauranga Moana
with East Coast Paddler Stand Up Paddle Boards


Ignite Your Ocean Spirit

SUP is a good entry to the open water and igniting your ocean spirit.  We all have one, yet for a lot of us it still remains dormant within.  You've just got to take the first step, and allow us to nurture your fears away, whatever they may be.

We hire, we teach, we tour, we keep you fit.  Start easy by selecting from our lessons, or jump straight into a tour for the more experienced paddlers.  Perhaps you may like to simply hire our equipment to enjoy on your own or with family.  
Whether you're a beginner, or an avid waterman, we are here for you.  We pride ourselves on quality service, quality equipment and quality SUP.

Tauranga Moana is surrounded by water in all its corners.  It is called the Bay of Plenty due to its once plentiful supply of food, both on land and in the sea.  These days it takes a lot of digging around and knowledge of the 'good spots' to uncover its bounty, however what still remains are its many beautiful waterways to explore.

So take a look through our services - Hires - Lessons - Tours - Fitness - make your selection, and allow us to share with you our love for the sport, our respect for our homeland and sea, and our passion to Ignite Your Ocean Spirit.


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