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* Prices are based on a minimum of 5 people.  Large group discounts may be applicable.

* All equipment provided. (Wetsuits are not necessary, therefore are not provided)


SUP Express Lesson - $100 plus $25 per additional person

60 mins - A 10-15 minute lesson on-shore, then the remaining hour on your own putting it all to practice.

SUP Intro Lesson - $250 plus $55 per additional person

60 mins - Includes both on-shore and water based instruction, and SUP tricks and games.

SUP Intro + Tour - $350 plus $75 per additional person

90-120 mins - The SUP Intro Lesson plus a 30-60 minute tour, depending on location.

Amazing SUP Race - $400 plus $85 per additional person

Up to 2 hours of fun with all senses tested.  A mix of skills are needed to win the race and spot prizes.  Done individually or in groups, it is more about the journey and less about the win.

SUP Games - $350 plus $75 per additional person

Compete individually, or in pairs, in 10 fun SUP activities. Up to 2 hours of hilarity and exhaustion!

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