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Mauao SUP Club

Discover a More Intimate Way of

Getting to Know Tauranga!

Abundant with waterways, there is a new way to experience this stunning place we live in.

The smells, the skin sensations, the bird song, the café stops, the scenery - all senses are satisfied.

And then there are the inner senses - emotion, intuition, spirit - which are naturally stimulated when in close connection with the taiāo, the environment.

🏄🏽‍♀️ Join the Mauao SUP Club today 🏄🏽‍♀️

East Coast Paddler are the hosts of the Mauao SUP Club - a stand up paddle boarding club designed to provide a safe, yet adventurous way to Ignite Your Ocean Spirit.

Allow our experienced and qualified instructors to guide you and fellow club members on adventures across Tauranga...and beyond.

With Tauranga being surrounded by an intimidating body of water, ebbing and flowing into every corner, this is THE BEST way to build your relationship with Tangaroa.

🌺 It is just 💲2️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ for an annual membership 🌺
And it is jam packed with benefits.

Keep reading to uncover our Winter Promotion ❄️


🇨🇦Feeling a little out of place?
🇬🇧Perhaps new to the country, new to the Bay, new to Tauranga?
🇸🇱Looking for your niche to settle into?

The Mauao SUP Club is a good start.

Meet new people and form some friendships with other like-minded clubbies.

Get a feel for the area from the ocean, the venue for New Zealand's largest port.

But best of all, be hosted by Tangata Whenua as we guide you along our waterways. The very waterways our ancestors travelled into the area on, fed from, and grew up with.


🌊 Been here for years, but are still afraid of the ocean?
🐬Gaps in your local knowledge yet to be filled?
⛰Yearning to find your personal connection to the area?

We are committed to getting our locals on the ocean and finding their comfort.

'Ignite Your Ocean Spirit' is our vision statement!

Stand up paddle boarding is the perfect entry-level sport to achieve this, and we understand all your fears and inhibitions when it comes to the ocean.

We have methods to increase your confidence, but most of all, the more time you spend with the water, the better it gets.

And you can feel safe guided by our instructors throughout each adventure.

We have accumulated a basket full of knowledge for our area over the years. We like to maximise our experiences with sharing this knowledge.

Through this sharing, our guests have deepened their connection upon understanding the historical, environmental and cultural significance of the areas we paddle.


🏄🏽‍♀️ Want to develop a new hobby?
☯️ Needing to maximise your 'me-time'?
⚖️ Seeking a fun way to keep healthy?

Look no further! The Mauao SUP Club has this covered.

Develop your skills by increasing your water time, paddling with others, and taking advantage of member only discounts for one-on-one lessons.

Our adventures are a solid hour plus on the ocean. All you really think about are the beautiful moments of the paddle, and how lucky we are to enjoy this area.

And when we're talking health, we mean holistic health and wellbeing. It's a natural process that occurs when out on the ocean.

But this is all heresay!

Here’s what some CLUB MEMBERS have had to say...
✅ Caryn - "East Coast Paddler provide an amazing service, top quality gear & go the extra mile in service."
✅ Carol - "A gathering of a fun bunch of people looking for an adventure with a bit of difference."
✅ Josey - "Truly beautiful! Looking forward to the next paddle already."

Our members are all shapes, ages and ethnicities. Kōtahitanga, or unity, is at the top of our list of values.

Another value important to us is Whānaungatanga, or family relationship. Our members have become our good friends, and are considered part of the family.

We have been lucky to meet many of our marine and bird life, and are becoming quite attuned to the environment. Kaitiakitanga is the care for our environment, and after getting to know these beautiful creatures, we're motivated to take care of their home.

And having Manaakitanga right up there with the other values creates an obligation for us to really take care of our club whānau.

Right at the top of our list of values, however, we consider "Safety first". We don't take anything for granted, and although the elements can be unpredictable at times, we are trained to find solutions while we're out on the water.

What you can expect from joining the Mauao SUP Club......

🌺 Up to 3 club paddles scheduled a week

🐠 Ongoing paddling and ocean advice

🌴 Member only discounts on our retail items and other events

👙 Paddling many new and all equally beautiful locations

🚤 Extra member-only activities like SUP surf and snorkelling

🍹5 one-hour SUP hire vouchers to give away as gifts

The annual fee to join our Mauao SUP Club and receive all of these benefits is just...


Make this part of your journey, and ask yourself, how would time with the ocean make you feel?


Join during the winter months, and we make life even easier for you by letting you Take Away an Inflatable Board and all the equipment you need, free for you to use until our season of operation starts at the end of September.

Flick us a message, send an email, or give us a bell when you're ready.

Email -
Phone - 027 451 0579

By far, THE most cost effective way to

  • Grow your SUP network
  • Explore more of Tauranga
  • Connect with the open water
  • Develop technique and skill
  • Get fit while having fun
  • Hang out with cool people
  • Learn more about the ocean we live alongside

    All whilst under the safe guidance of our qualified instructors.  

    There are activities almost every week all year round, so even if you catch one activity a week, you are getting more than your money's worth.


    We paddle all across Tauranga, enjoy paddling to our favourite coffee spots, exploring new areas together, and soaking up all of Tangaroa's benefits.

    We've all become friends for life. The ocean seems to bring out the best in us, as we challenge ourselves and allow Tangaroa to cradle us through our daily woes.

    All this for just $299 Annual Membership fee. 

    So be bold, be brave, ignite your ocean spirit...and join our ECP Summer Club.


    Join Us Now


    What To Expect

    • Weekly texts and emails updating you with the forthcoming SUP activities.
    • The opportunity to paddle all across Tauranga with our qualified instructors and other members.
    • The use of our equipment for the first month, and then it is encouraged to purchase your own board. Try different board styles with us to find a board type to suit. Purchase through us with a member only discount and payment arrangement, or purchase elsewhere.
    • Ongoing guidance and development on SUP and with the ocean.
    • SUP Surf sessions.
    • SUP Movement fitness sessions.
    • SUP Kids sessions.
    • SUP Dogs sessions.
    • Hire vouchers to give away to friends and family.
    • Member only discounts on our retail items and any special events. All events above are free to members.

    So what are you waiting for? Join the ECP Summer Club Today!


    Join Us Now


    ECP Summer Club - Terms & Conditions

    1. ECP Summer Club members are eligible to receive the following during their membership:
      1. Entry to any of our scheduled Local Adventures
      2. Entry to any of our SUP Fitness Classes
      3. Member only SUP Surf sessions
      4. Member only discount on all SUP retail items
      5. Member only discount on all other ECP events
      6. 5 x 1hr Board & Equipment Hire vouchers to give away
    2. Membership runs for 1 year from the time of registration.
    3. ECP can supply members with board and equipment for the first month of membership.  Members are then required to provide their own board, leash, personal floatation device and paddle for all activities available to ECP Summer Club members.  Members can hire ECP equipment for $10 per session after one month of registration, subject to availability.
    4. Members must be 16 years of age or older.
    5. General location for most ECP Activities is Pilot Bay, Mt Maunganui, but will vary from time to time.  Members must find own transport to locations. Car pool options may be available.
    6. There are limited entries to local tours and fitness classes.  Bookings are essential.
    7. The activities available to ECP Summer Club members are to be used by the registered member only.
    8. Payment of $299, or otherwise as arranged with ECP Staff, is to be paid in full within 3 months of registration.  Members are able to pay in instalments.  There will be no refunds or payment holidays granted after payment is made.
    9. ECP Season of Operation starts from the school holiday period following the 3rd term of each year, and ends at the end of the school holiday period following the 1st term of each year. ECP will hold events available to members outside this season at their own discretion.
    10. ECP Activities will be rated by level of difficulty.  Definition of levels can be found on the website and it is the member’s responsibility to be informed and choose the appropriate activities to their ability.

    NOTE:  These are the Terms & Conditions for the ECP Summer Club only. You will also be required to adhere to East Coast Paddler's general Terms & Conditions which you will receive with your registration.

    Join Us Now